Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bare Minerals Faux Tan Review

Heya! Sorry I've been gone so long, I finished my exams at the beginning of last week but its been a bit hectic since. I missed blogging, so I promise I will try my best to be consistent from now on!
That said, its review time! I have two reviews I've prepared, but the first that I will post about is on a new fake tan I have been trying out. I ordered the Bare Minerals 'Faux Tan' last week, but have managed to use it four times since so I still have a lot to say about it! I've not tried many fake tans, mainly gradual tanners as you've seen me write about before so I was sceptical as to what the results would be. I decided to invest in a mid priced product- I wanted something with good reviews but from a well known company but wasn't ready to invest in anything like 'St Tropez' until I am comfortable with using 'proper' fake tans as I like to call them!

The packaging- A bit tacky and cheap don't you think?

The bottle

The product colour (I was stingy and didn't want to waste product so took it like this!)

Overall first impressions were clouded by the outer packaging. It's lucky I bought this online because if saw this in a store it certainly would not entice me! It looks like something I could pick up at Primark for a quid! That aside, the actual bottle is acceptable and the dark colour of the product meant I could see where I had put it- very handy for avoiding streaks, although it did turn my tanning mit mossy green!

The actual product itself dried very quickly- about fifteen minutes in fact. This means it would be great for popping on in the morning and going out the door. It developed within three or four hours which again is very fast compared to other tans I have used which need evening application so they can develop over night. It smelled of marzipan, and personally I liked this and it did not bother me but I can see how this might put other people off.

One thing I found was an issue is the dark colour that is supposed to help you see where you have put the tan. After reading other reviews people said they waited a few hours then took a shower to wash this off revealing a lovely golden tan. I did two coats in one day, then two hours after the second coat took a shower and watched my lovely tan go down the plug hole. I don't know if leaving it longer would improve this, but I was left with a light barely there tan as apposed to my deep olive glow that was previously there. Because of this I have found I actually prefer this 'indicator' colour to the actual colour of the tan- so today I left it how it was and I love the result! It has given me a lovely olive glow that matches with my natural olive tones in my skin and I really like the result. I guess this isn't how the manufacturers expected it to be worn, but I like it much better this way! I will of course be taking a shower tonight so I will see if my lovely glow disappears again, but I will let you guys know if it doesn't!

Price- £12.50 feelunique.com
Smell- Marzipan. Yum.
Lasting Power- In the water- not great! Might improve if left for much longer then suggested.
Colour- Lovely olive tan with two coats.
Overall Rating- 6.5/10 (might improve if it stays on tonight!)

Lauren xoxo

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  1. Just to add.. the tan did stay on pretty well, so I guess it does live up to claims of lasting 5-7 days.