Saturday, 25 May 2013

Benefit Box Blush 'Bella Bamba' Review

Heya! So today I decided to review one of my stapel blushes- Benefits 'Bella Bamba'. I have had this blush since summer 2012 and neglected it up until this spring, but I have now rekindled by love with it! I have done an in depth review, swatches and application method below, so enjoy!

Outer Packaging- So cute!
The packaging is adorable. I am studying Graphic Design at college next year, and this is the sort of thing I would love to create! I always adore benefits packaging, and the shimmer on this really made it stand out on the shelf to me.

It also comes with a mirror- very handy.
As you can see, the blush does come with a mirror built in to the packaging. This is very handy for on-the-go touch ups and travelling. It does also come with a brush, but I did not include that in the review as in my opinion it does not get the best out of the product and most people prefer to use their own brushes anyway.

The Blush Itself- Rose Pink with Gold Shimmer.
I adore the colour of this blush. It is perfect for all year round and would suit any skin tone.

I applied the blush with a 'Real Techniques Blush Brush' (let me know if you want a review on that brush range, I would be very happy to do one) in upward motions going from the bottom to top of my cheekbones. I will usually suck my cheeks in (the fish face!) so I can accurately place it on my cheekbones, as I'm not a massive fan of the 'apples of the cheek' blush application method and like a more sculpted look.

Final Result (Note: I didn't do a swatch on my hand due to camera issues!)
This is the final result- a natural warm, rosy glow that is also somewhat highlighting due to the gold shimmer.

Pigmentation- Buildable, I usually put about three layers of blush to get the colour I like.
Texture- Smooth, soft, very easy to work with.
Colour- Rose Pink w/ Gold Shimmer.
Finish- It claims to be a '3D Brightening Blush' and it does add a slight highlight without being OTT shimmer.
Smell- Nothing unpleasant.
Lasting Power- Stays on for about 3-4 hours but does begin to fade later in the day.
Price- I Paid £24.50 at Boots
Rating- 9/10.

I love the colour and finish of this blush. It is perfect for everyday wear and would suit any skin tone. The only reason it doesn't gain full marks and my complete seal of approval is due to the lack of staying power. If I put this on at the start of a 7 hour school day, it will hardly be noticeable by the end of it unless I layer it over a cream blush. I reckon you could improve this with a setting spray though, and when I finally get round to buying MAC Fix+, I promise to let you know if this improves the situation!

Lauren xoxo


  1. Love benefit blushes- they last absolutely ages on my skin! Defo worth the money x

    1. I love them too! I wish they stayed long on my skin too, my skin is more on the dry end so it can't be oil, so unfair!

      Lauren xx