Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner Review (Fair to Medium Skin)

Heya! So today I decided to review a product I purchased about two months ago, and have tried and tested since then. I have tried a few fake tans previously, some of those being gradual tanners like the one I am reviewing, but have never found one that I would repurchase. Until now! It may have its flaws, but the Dove 'Summer Glow' gradual tanner certainly does the job.

Sleek and Simple Packaging

I bought 'Fair to Medium Skin'


As you can see above, I purchased the 'Fair to Medium Skin' version. I was a bit dubious about whether it would work on my skin and debated getting the 'Medium to Dark Skin' option which my friend of the same colouring (fair with olive undertones) uses. In the end I went with the lighter option because I would rather my tan went a little lighter than I wanted then to dark, as obviously to correct it you just need to add another layer! In the end I definitely made the right decision!

I applied the tan every day for about a week before the day I wanted to be tanned for (Leavers Prom) and I noticed a big difference after two applications, and then a subtle change from then on.
After just one application my skin (which can look sallow in cooler seasons due to the 'oliveyness'!) I had a subtle golden glow, and then on the second application I had a nice natural tan. After the full week of application I had a medium golden tan, and many people commented on how tanned I looked! I even used this on my face, and it gave a subtle golden glow.

The only issue I had was the occasional dark streak around my wrist, and although it practically doesn't fade at all in the shower, if water dripped on my arm a white line would appear. Using a tanning mitt does keep fingers from going orange, but like I said I did still get streaks on my wrist so I got rid of these by scrubbing at them, and any white streaks from water can quickly be solved by applying a bit of the lotion over top of them.

Drying Time- Not the best, about an hour.
Development- Overnight (about 8 hours).
Smell- Nothing Unpleasant.
Streaks- Only occurred on wrists.
Water Resistance- Good in baths/showers, but does show when water drips down your arms from taps e.t.c.
Colour- Golden, natural tan. Sun kissed.
Recommended Applications- 2+
Price- I paid £2.59 at Tesco (half price offer).
Rating- 9/10

Overall, I love this product for a natural and risk-free tan. I had the two issues mentioned above, so overall I was very happy with this product. I would certainly continue to use and repurchase this product!

Lauren xoxo

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