Friday, 24 May 2013

Nails Of The Day- OPI Mermaids Tears

Heya! So today I decided to do a 'nails of the day' post on what I am currently wearing, which just so happens to also be my favorite polish of all time! I have images and an in depth review below, so enjoy!

The Polish Itself- OPI Mermaids Tears

Two Coats Applied in Both Images

So as you can see from the images, it is a gorgeous sea foam green colour, and I am in love with it. In the images I applied two coats, but if you were extra careful when applying you could get away with one. I have had this polish for a good few months now and it is still by far my favorite.

Application- The application is quick, smooth and easy.
Consistency- Not to runny, not to thick. Perfect.
Colour- A gorgeous sea foam green.
Coverage- One coat would be enough, but two is perfect.
Brush- Regular sized.
Price- I paid £10 for a set of two full size (it came with this and 'Come to Poppy') at TK Maxx
Rating- 10/10.

I really cannot fault this colour. It has everything I look for- a stand out colour, only needs two coats, brush not too big or small and not a horrific price. I highly recommend this colour for summer and spring seasons, and I may have also cheekily worn it in autumn and winter because I love it so much!

Lauren xoxo

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